Small Galley Kitchen Designs

Small Galley Kitchen Designs – Learn more about galley kitchen designs with this article that details everything you need to know about this popular kitchen design.

Located in Decatur, Georgia, this kitchen was designed to be a functional and stylish space for cooking and entertaining with ease. So the room comes with a deep sink and stainless steel appliances, handsome green cabinets and a wooden dining table that seats six.

Small Galley Kitchen Designs

Small Galley Kitchen Designs

Traditional kitchens may be cramped, but that doesn’t mean your style options are limited. Old-fashioned layouts are notorious for being small and cramped, but try not to give up on the kitchen so quickly. From floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, ornate chandeliers, and stylish dining areas, galley-style kitchens have a lot to offer the modern family. Still don’t believe it? Read on for the scoop on galley kitchens, plus some expert tips on how to add your own to your home.

Gorgeous Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

A previously dark, closed kitchen was transformed into this bright room by adding sleek white cabinets (great in natural light) and a mirrored backsplash.

Small Galley Kitchen Designs

A galley kitchen or galley kitchen is separated by two countertops or parallel walls three by five feet apart. The signature compact size is named after the galley (galley) area on board and is a popular choice on smaller yachts and city apartments alike. The most common features of galley kitchens include double-sided work surfaces, with cooking equipment lined on one wall and prep and cleaning equipment such as refrigerators and sinks on the second wall.

This home features a large and beautiful chef’s kitchen which is a smaller kitchen for entertaining and extra storage needs.

Small Galley Kitchen Designs

Narrow Kitchen Ideas: 10 Ways To Maximize Space And Interest |

Since the space can seem small, it’s important to choose a light color of paint to make the kitchen feel open and airy. Stainless steel or white countertops, glass front cabinets and colorful backsplashes are all keys to making a kitchen design look bigger.

Another way to create the illusion of a larger space? Remove the upper cabinets from the side of the gallery kitchen. Replace with open shelving, or extend the backsplash from counter to ceiling for an elevated look. This technique is especially useful for removing visual bulk and widening an otherwise cramped room.

Small Galley Kitchen Designs

Breathe life into your small kitchen with a fresh coat of paint on the walls and cabinets, and consider neutral tones or bold color combinations to make your space appear larger and reflect your design style.

Galley Kitchen Ideas: Smart Designs For Narrow Spaces

This galley style kitchen combines traditional black cabinets with gray marble countertops. Brass fixtures and a farmhouse sink add a metallic sheen to the room, while globe pendants brighten the space.

Small Galley Kitchen Designs

Likewise, light and bright colors are solid options for visually expanding your kitchen. Diffused earth tones, pastels and whites are solid points in your kitchen palette.

Of course, that doesn’t mean all shades are dark shades or off limits. If you like a saturated look, fear not! You can achieve balance in your design through strategic contrast. For example, if you choose dark cabinets, be sure to match dark finishes with light finishes, neutral wall colors, and ample overhead lighting. And, if floor-to-ceiling cabinets are more your speed, opt for marble countertops, mid-tone cabinetry, and high-gloss hardware (unfinished brass or polished nickel are our favorites!) to bring light to the space. turn around

Small Galley Kitchen Designs

Galley Kitchen Ideas And Designs

This transitional kitchen is the perfect blend of Manhattan style with Parisian design and its organic and neutral tones. Three leather pendants between exposed wooden beams create a rustic element in the room. White and black marble countertops complement dark tile floors, cream plaster caps, and welcome guests, diners and chefs.

Maximize space and style in your cramped kitchen with some of our helpful tips. First, work from scratch. Arrange the floors so that they run lengthwise, as this creates the illusion of a longer space.

Small Galley Kitchen Designs

Get lower cabinets and appliances off the floor (literally). This technique widens kitchen aisles and increases the height of even the narrowest kitchen designs.

Galley Kitchen Considerations For A Kitchen Layout

Keep your appliances hidden from plain sight by using custom cabinets or panels that mimic your existing cabinetry. Cleaning bulky items like the refrigerator or dishwasher will create a neat, cohesive, and uncluttered look.

Small Galley Kitchen Designs

The redesigned kitchen is a bright and beautiful update with white shiplap walls, light slate floors and bright white counters. Shaker style cabinets in dark gray with satin gold trim. High-end stainless steel appliances include a wine refrigerator.

When designing your kitchen, consider which cabinet style best suits your lifestyle. Traditional kitchen designs often have upper and lower cabinets on each side for maximum storage space and symmetry.

Small Galley Kitchen Designs

Galley Kitchen Design Ideas That Live Large

Contemporary and modern kitchens replace it with asymmetric cabinets, such as having upper and lower cabinets on one wall and only lower cabinets on the other side.

If you’re building a kitchen from the ground up, take a cue from designer Natalie Myers and take a cue from this kitchen that strips out your cabinets and appliances. This technique paved the way and evolved aero design.

Small Galley Kitchen Designs

Explore U-shaped kitchen design ideas and get ready to add stylish and functional design to your home kitchen.

Tips For Making The Most Of A Galley Kitchen

Explore kitchen kitchen lighting ideas and get ready to install a bright, functional and attractive kitchen in your home.

Small Galley Kitchen Designs

This magazine takes you to a beautiful place where Florida families love to cook great food.

Gather information about kitchen design styles and get ready to install a beautiful and functional kitchen in your home.

Small Galley Kitchen Designs

Galley Kitchen Designs And Layout Tips

Explore kitchen theme ideas and get ready to decorate your kitchen in the style and theme that best suits your design aesthetic.

Explore options and ideas for kitchen design and get ready to configure your kitchen in the most beautiful and efficient way possible.

Small Galley Kitchen Designs

Learn about the five components of kitchen design in this article from Joan Kohn’s It’s Kitchen.

Small Galley Kitchen Ideas — Love Renovate

Can’t stand it, can’t live without it – top designers weigh their kitchen loves and hates.

Small Galley Kitchen Designs

The ideal kitchen for a culinary duo utilizes space efficiently and is designed with a separate work area. Just because a kitchen is small doesn’t mean it lacks function, organization or style. The key to owning and making the most of space is a design that maximizes efficiency, such as a kitchen. By definition, a kitchen consists of two parallel sides with a narrow passage between them. The galley kitchen layout is best for small kitchens smaller than 90 square feet. Four to six feet between parallel sides increases efficiency and productivity.

Check out these kitchens to see how this small space design can work for you. Connect home improvement projects with certified general contractors for free advice, support and security deposits.

Small Galley Kitchen Designs

Galley Kitchen Ideas To Enhance Space

Andrew and Germàn renovate the kitchen in their 1936 Med-Deco home. The room is closed to the rest of the room. The renovation plan was to keep the area the same so that the expansion would not affect the architectural details. However, breaking the wall to form a walk-through breakfast bar is the solution to opening up the living room space. It was the right call: He became the eight-foot center in the game.

The six-foot-wide kitchen in Emily’s prewar apartment was originally a confined space. A few thoughts helped her feel more open rather than closed. Marble and bronze open shelves replaced upper cabinets, providing the ventilation needed in the kitchenette. Undercounter refrigerators take up less space and are visually cleaner.

Small Galley Kitchen Designs

To make the design more suitable for entertaining, the architects created a transom with a slender counter and two columns on the non-kitchen side. Submit your project to discuss with your contractor whether installing transom windows in your kitchen is a possibility.

Before And After

Megan didn’t want to change the floor plan or footprint of the galley kitchen. She just wanted to give a face to the dark kitchen space. All new fixtures contribute to a lighter exterior with extended transom windows in the main living areas. The sculptor lowered the crossbar to counter height and enlarged the opening. Now, all the light from the adjacent room flows in.

Small Galley Kitchen Designs

Clever storage and design make all the difference in Monica’s kitchen renovation. For more convenient kitchen storage, the refrigerator was converted into a pull-out food processor. The fridge sits outside a bank of slatted cabinets, given its height and size. Adding character to the kitchen is a nice dining area.

To complement Jenna’s narrow galley kitchen, a set of upper and lower cabinets runs along one wall and faces a full-size sliding wall-mounted refrigerator. Although she admits, “I’m building a ‘bucket list’ for the rest of the wall, although I’m happy with the space that the blank wall creates.” With only one row width to work with, this design provides a way to navigate the space effective way.

Small Galley Kitchen Designs

Small Kitchen Ideas

Food writer and former chef Daniel installed open shelving in the middle of the kitchen wall instead of upper cabinets. This removes the claustrophobic feeling that plagued older kitchens.

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Small Galley Kitchen Designs

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