Pendulum Lights For Kitchen

Pendulum Lights For Kitchen – Whether it’s exposed brick, sleek wood, or rustic metal accents, architects and designers continue to embrace industrial-inspired interiors. A matte black finish is the perfect finishing touch for a renovated loft, and a pair of brass tiles add an industrial feel to the modern interior. Whatever your interior design style, discover unique ways to incorporate industrial style pendant lights into your space.

Raw wood cabinets and rugs give this space a rustic feel, while open channel lighting and industrial-style metal pendant lights enhance the look. Interior by SUBU Design Architecture.

Pendulum Lights For Kitchen

Pendulum Lights For Kitchen

Bahia Blue granite countertops, a glass tile backsplash, and a fan-style counter complete this compact kitchen by Iantha Carley Interiors.

How To Get Creative With Industrial Style Pendant Lights

A sleek, contemporary kitchen by Michele Plachter Design features black cabinetry and industrial touches, including five black pendant lights.

Pendulum Lights For Kitchen

A home office by CM Natural Designs takes inspiration from industrial-style design, which can be seen in the light metal finish and black metal poles.

Equipped with modern appliances, hardware and accessories, this kitchen has an industrial touch with its large metal ceiling light. Design by Laura Hodges Studio.

Pendulum Lights For Kitchen

Modern Industrial 3 Light Chandelier Black Metal Drum Island Pendant Lights Fixture For Dining,kitchen Room

In a Brady Design kitchen, industrial-style pendant lighting serves as an unexpected accent in a contemporary space.

This open-concept loft features concrete walls and exposed pipes, a built-in storage compartment made of metal boxes and a set of metal pendant lights. Design by Andrea Michaelson.

Pendulum Lights For Kitchen

A Chicago loft features a large, metallic pendant above the dining room table. The attractive decor consists of exposed brick walls, exposed pipes and wooden ceilings. Design by CK Interior Design.

Orren Ellis Modern Pendant Lighting, Black Dimmable Led Creative Chandelier Remote Control Linear Wave Pendant Light, Kitchen Island Adjustable Hanging Light Fixture For Dining Room Living Room(6 Light 50w) & Reviews

Designed by 2to5 Design, this bright and spacious kitchen features bold brass worktops and a rustic wood island.

Pendulum Lights For Kitchen

Along with the colorful bar stools, these hanging marigold pendants add some color to this white Scott Sanders kitchen.

Featuring custom white wood countertops, antique stone flooring, and crafted pendant lighting, this Montana farmhouse kitchen was designed by Koo de Kir Architectural Interiors and designed by Stacey Kunstel.

Pendulum Lights For Kitchen

Vintage Black And Brass Cafe Pendant Lights

Influenced by both rustic and industrial interiors, this kitchen features exposed brick, white cabinets, and lantern-style pendant lighting. Design by Michael Del Piero Good design.

From the bold light fixtures to the oven knobs, this simple and elegant kitchen has little red accents. Design by De-Spec.

Pendulum Lights For Kitchen

A Napa Valley farmhouse has white cabinets and a neutral backsplash, complete with brown leather bars and four white pendant lights. Interior design and architecture by Jennifer Robin Wade Design Architects.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas That Favor Style And Function

Stunning artwork, bronze pendant lighting and custom lighting come together in this modern and simple space by Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam.

Pendulum Lights For Kitchen

A bright kitchen in Hollywood Hills, California features two sleek metal pendant lights that evoke an industrial-style interior. Design by SFA Design.

This beautiful kitchen from the Mendelson Group features a neutral color palette with gold accents from the pendant lights to the hood.

Pendulum Lights For Kitchen

How To Use Kitchen Pendants For A Beautifully Lit Space

From lively runners to colorful flowers, this playground by KMID | is finished off with a Kate Maloney Interior Design metal pendant light.

Here, Nannette Brown embraces natural greenery to give an otherwise modern space a touch of nature. Silver and gold pendant lights serve as a contrast to the interior lighting.

Pendulum Lights For Kitchen

Located in Los Angeles’ Arts District, this industrial-style loft features small pendant lights across the ceiling. Design by Andrea Michaelson.

Longshore Tides Industrial Pendant Light, Adjustable Hanging Light Fixtures, Seeded Glass Globe Pendant Lights For Kitchen Island, Pendant Lighting Black For Dining Room, Hallway, Bedoom(1 Pack)

A large pendant light hangs from the center of this bedroom’s vaulted ceiling by SUBU Design Architecture.

Pendulum Lights For Kitchen

Alyssa Gautier | Chairish Alyssa Gautieri is the editor of Chairish, where she explores different interior design and architecture trends, from unique art and furniture to stunning exteriors and outdoor living spaces. Lighting is one of the most important functional and aesthetic features of the kitchen. You need enough light for dining and entertaining, but it’s also nice to control the lighting to create a different atmosphere. Recessed lighting fixtures and recessed lighting are two common choices for kitchen remodeling projects for completely different reasons. If you are wondering which one to choose, let us decide.

It is a type of fixture that hangs from the ceiling, usually on a kitchen island or a large counter. This type of tool is perfect for igniting tasks or controlling the atmosphere in your kitchen. Pendants can be wonderful accent lights in a large space, drawing the eye while providing functionality. For this updated kitchen remodel, we installed three pendant lights above the kitchen island. We made sure the pendants were evenly spaced and centered on the island to lighten the cooking over the fire. We also added a single pendant light above the dining area which added task lighting and a nice aesthetic to the kitchen design.

Pendulum Lights For Kitchen

Modern Farmhouse 1 Light Wood Grain Pendant Lights Kitchen Island Lighting

Recessed or semi-recessed lights are often found in hallways and smaller spaces. These are lights that are closer to a ceiling or hanging light. A sink-mount light fixture works well if the kitchen space is small or has a low ceiling. To prevent cooks and guests from banging their heads on an accent piece, spotlights provide illumination while the action is away. In this small kitchen remodel, we chose to place the cabinets closer to the edge to highlight the most important parts of the kitchen: the stove and counters. The lights are not the focal point of the kitchen, but they illuminate the small space beautifully, highlighting the blue backsplash and brown marble.

Carefully consider your kitchen space and make sure you choose the right lighting that matches your style. A pendant light can look beautiful, but not in a small space. A recessed kitchen light can throw light into the kitchen, but it may not be bright enough for a large space. If you need help making your choices, let CQC Home help you find the perfect kitchen lighting. Our team has helped homeowners in Durham, Raleigh, Cary and Chapel Hill with many remodeling projects. Take a look at some of our kitchen and whole home renovation projects. Trust CQC Home to help you build your dream home.

Pendulum Lights For Kitchen

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Pendulum Lights For Kitchen

It’s great to accept the offer of friends and family to help with cooking and cleaning, but if your kitchen is messy and cluttered, that help means more work on your part. It may be time to stock up on your storage needs and ‘… Continue

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