Lighting For Kitchen Island And Table

Lighting For Kitchen Island And Table – After last week’s design dilemma discussion about the chandelier in the kitchen, many of you asked me to do a post on how to coordinate the chandelier with the chandelier you hang over the table in your breakfast nook. Making design decisions can be difficult and it is often difficult to visualize how things will look before they are installed. You want the light to flow but not be too matchy, and with so many options out there finding the winning combination can be a bit daunting. So today I share some thoughts about it, some simple ideas to help you choose confident light in your kitchen.

First let’s start by looking at some examples of very well made kitchen lights. Let’s break down what makes this example work.

Lighting For Kitchen Island And Table

Lighting For Kitchen Island And Table

I absolutely love every detail about this kitchen, but the custom lighting adds a nice touch of modern glamor to the traditional white kitchen. I think it’s a good idea to think about what will be the main light attraction in your open kitchen and dining room. Basically, who will be the main actor and who will take the supporting role? Everything is important to play, but not everything is a star, you know? In the example below, white supports the Oscar-winning actor and chandy. I mean I realize they could both be winners, but you know what I’m saying right? The pendant blends in with the white cabinet, but the gold marries the chandy. The style of the pendant suits the sleek modern glamor look, but they don’t compete with the beauty of the chandy structure hanging over the table. It’s as if they are pointing you towards that beautiful golden light. (I know I’m crazy; roll with it.)

Orren Ellis Modern Pendant Lighting, Black Dimmable Led Creative Chandelier Remote Control Linear Wave Pendant Light, Kitchen Island Adjustable Hanging Light Fixture For Dining Room Living Room(6 Light 50w) & Reviews

Here the pendant and chandy play off each other in both the polished chrome finish and round shape. But here again the chandy is the main attraction, and what makes things interesting is that the light on the table brings another layer – the color of the white fabric which is also related to the white cabinet.

Lighting For Kitchen Island And Table

Now this is an example where the pendant is the main attraction and the chandy kind of takes a back seat. Light flows in color and style, but the interesting thing is the different shapes and bulk. The pendant is heavier, bigger than the chandy. If chandy meets the same advantage as pendant, there will be too much visual competition. As the pendant stands out and the light flows very well.

I love this next example because it shows that you don’t have to be married to style for things to be coordinated. The pendant is glass and the chandy is metal, but it works well because the color of the necklace matches. Also notice the mountain flush above the sink that ties the black and white color palette together is perfect.

Lighting For Kitchen Island And Table

Geometric Black Kitchen Island Light Starry Reflection Hanging Light 3 Way Dimmable Homary

2.  Marry one or two things  – whether it’s a metal finish, overall style or shape – find some common elements. You want something about your lighting to match. You just don’t want everything to match.

3.  Fix other elements. So if you have similar shapes and finishes, mix metal and glass, or glass and shade cloth. Look for something that offers something a little different than your main players.

Lighting For Kitchen Island And Table

So, notice in the traditional rustic combo, the pendant is square and the chandy is round; but wood and iron marry them. In a sleek industrial combo, both have round shapes and dark colors, but glass pendants. A mix of cool and modern is the most contrasting match, but modern style and dark elements come together.

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Here again in the round shape of the classic classic combo and the nickel finish marry them, but the shade of the fabric and the pendant glass pendant are still different enough to make the combination interesting. The modern glam combo has gold and glass in common, but the contrasting shapes keep it from being too matchy-matchy. The casual and elegant combo is an interesting combination of two different styles, but the dark metallic color of the pendant coordinates with the chandy black iron that allows it to take center stage but rest in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Lighting For Kitchen Island And Table

I’m no expert, but I hope this helps solve the problem and gives you some ideas for coordinating the lighting in your kitchen. It’s not an exact science and really depends on what you like and the general style you want in your home. Below you can see how one simple glass ball hanger can be easily matched with two different chandy depending on the design style you want to achieve. With the choice of wood and iron beads you create a modern farmhouse feel, but with the choice of rectangular glass and iron you get a sleek and relaxed industrial atmosphere. Either way, it just depends on the overall look you want to create in your home. Lighting technology has come a long way since Thomas Edison invented the first light bulb in 1879. Today lighting is not only a functional tool but also an important design element. .

Traditionally, a typical pendant light fixture on a kitchen island is three small pendant lights. However, new kitchen design is moving towards large-scale lighting fixtures and highly decorative pendants that become the focal point of the room, the trend is towards minimal light that is large-scale like a work of art.

Lighting For Kitchen Island And Table

Oaks Decor Modern Island Light 5 Light Black Modern/contemporary Linear Led Kitchen Island Light In The Pendant Lighting Department At

The traditional 3 pendant light design is a great way to illuminate the entire workspace and add beauty to the work zone.

There are many ways to integrate lighting in kitchen design but there are clearly two trending ways that designers are using to incorporate large lighting artistically. I’m curious about these two popular methods, using double and single light bulbs.

Lighting For Kitchen Island And Table

Kitchen design by Helena Steele of Golden Gate Kitchens, California. Interior Design by Susan Cinta Design. Photography by Christopher Stark Photography.

Kitchen Designs With Dazzling Pendant Lights (photos)

Pairing two large pendant lights eliminates the need for 3 small lights and helps extend the light to a longer space such as a kitchen island, table or peninsula. Here are some examples of kitchen lighting over countertops with large-scale twin light fixtures that are the main design element or “eye candy” for the room.

Lighting For Kitchen Island And Table

Dura Supreme kitchen design by Gwen Adair of Cabinet Supreme by Adair LLC, Wisconsin. Photography by Ryan Hainey.

For a longer kitchen table, like this oversized kitchen island, you may want to use three oversized pendant lights to evenly illuminate the room.

Lighting For Kitchen Island And Table

Tornviken Kitchen Island, Off White, Oak, Length: 49 5/8

For a more dramatic look, one large light fixture can be used to create a central focal point. Here are some great examples of kitchen designs that feature stunning and dramatic single light fixtures!

With the increasing popularity of open floor plans and high ceilings, large-scale pendant lights help create an interesting element that also helps define an area or workspace. In some open concept homes, you can find the use of double and single pendants to define different spaces in an open floor plan.

Lighting For Kitchen Island And Table

This Dura Supreme kitchen design features a large pendant light to add function and beauty to the kitchen island while a larger single light defines the breakfast area.

Kitchen Island Tables: Pictures & Ideas From Hgtv

The kitchen has two oversized pendants on the kitchen island and one large pendant light over the dining room table to define the two spaces in the open floor plan. Dura Agung Design by Studio M Kitchen & Bath. Photo by Spacecrafting Photography.

Lighting For Kitchen Island And Table

There are many options for large pendant lights if you want to create a special look that will stand the test of time. How will you define your space and highlight your home with an oversized pendant light fixture?

Located in Lake Howard, Minnesota, Dura Agung manufactures semi-custom and custom, framed and frameless cabinets for a national network of distributors. For 60+ years homeowners and designers have looked to Dura Agung for kitchen and bathroom cabinets that meet their desire for personal design options and excellent quality construction. To learn more about Dura Supreme or contact an authorized Dura Supreme cabinet dealer, please visit our Showroom Locator. My friend is very happy to announce that I have a new blank canvas to work on, last week we closed escrow to buy another house in Las Vegas, as I have done before I commute once a month to oversee renovations.

Lighting For Kitchen Island And Table

Farmhouse Kitchen Island Lighting

Here’s a first look at the kitchen and dining room. Everything you see is gone, I reconfigure and modernize the space,  change everything. Those old fluorescent light boxes will be out and so will the dated ceiling fans. New recessed lights, pendant lights and pendants over the kitchen island will replace them. Adding wooden beams is also part of the plan. I also need a pendant light to go downstairs

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