Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas Over Island

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas Over Island – 1950’s industrial factory lighting is the source of inspiration for the new Sequence Lighting Collection. Designed to match our Trask Hardware collection, the collection is available in several assembly options.

The kitchen is the most difficult room in your home – and your kitchen island is at the center of it all. From serving as a gathering place for your family to adding more dining table space to prepare meals—make sure your island is supported by layers of light that highlight each role it needs. Here are the steps you need to know to make sure your kitchen island gets all the light it needs.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas Over Island

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas Over Island

With clean lines and minimalist design, our exclusive Blair Lighting collection plays with geometric shapes – and adds a light sculptural touch to any kitchen style. Our Blair Glass Pendant and our Blair Glass Wall Sconce emit a warm, atmospheric light that spreads throughout the room while our Blair uses solid white brass with a specific white finish. Step One: Measure Your Space

Kitchen Lighting Ideas That Favor Style And Function

Most of our lighting is customized and made to order, so it’s important to make sure you measure your kitchen island correctly. Exact dimensions are a personal choice and may depend on the location of your kitchen island and the size of your kitchen. The size and scale of the light you choose depends on the amount of space you have to hang it. Here are some of our top tips to help you properly measure and prepare to hang your lights:

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas Over Island

● Start by measuring the length, width, and height of your kitchen island—these measurements are key to determining the size and number of pendant lights. You should leave at least six to 12 inches on each side, between the end of the island and your hanging space.

● The total length of our light is measured from the roof of the Mount to the bottom of the shade. If you need a sizing guide, our Design Crew is here to help.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas Over Island

Gorgeous Pendant Lights Over An Island Bench

Project Tip: Check your measurements by hanging a piece of paper or a balloon from a string attached to the ceiling—this will help you visualize how much space the light will take up and the appropriate distance from the floor or your workspace.

After taking measurements of your kitchen island, decide how many lights you want to hang—this is determined by the size of your island and your aesthetic preferences. Here are some of the styles and designs to keep in mind:

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas Over Island

● If you are hanging several pendants, 26 to 30 inches is the ideal distance (with a minimum of 24 inches) between the pendants to ensure that the light is spread evenly.

Kitchen Island Ideas For Lighting And Layout

Medieval design meets modern design with our Alenglade Lighting collection. Featuring solid brass rods and large opal glass shades, Alenglade looks great on any kitchen island or dining table.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas Over Island

Crafted from solid brass and conical opal glass, our Hampshire Lamp Collection is inspired by European industrial architecture from the 1900s.

Project Tip: If you’re hanging more than one pendant, an electrician will need to install a junction box for each light—unless you’re using multiple pendants.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas Over Island

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Lighting Customization Tip: Make your space feel unique with one of our customizable lighting options. Simply select the collection and type of lighting you need, then select the finish and shade—we have hundreds of configuration options to choose from.

Pendant lights don’t just light up your workspace – they add personality. Lighting collections like Blair and Endicot have great options for two-piece opal glass and shades for perfect lighting. Step Three: Shade Style

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas Over Island

Although the shade of the lamp determines its style, it also affects the amount of light it provides. Here’s an explanation of how each type of shade changes the amount of light your space receives:

Spaces To Hang The Pod Pendant For Residential Modern Lighting

Metal Shades: For focused, directional lighting for certain tasks such as food preparation, we recommend metal shades. Made of brushed copper and lacquered aluminum and available in a variety of colors and shades, the metallic shades add personality and function.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas Over Island

Project Tip: Customize your metal shades, with up to 20 different shapes, finishes, and color options. Can’t decide? Order our finish set or color samples to help you decide which color is right for your kitchen.

Glass Shades: If you are looking for a diffused light source in your room, we recommend all glass shades. The opal hue creates an inviting atmosphere with a warm atmospheric glow, while the translucent glass shade emits a bright glow—and it’s the perfect way to display vintage-inspired filament bulbs.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas Over Island

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Linen Shades: Linen shades add an elegant look and provide a soft and relaxing glow. Since linen naturally diffuses light, choose bulbs with higher lumens to illuminate your space.

Keep the design of your kitchen in mind when choosing pendants to hang over your island. With an open concept kitchen that connects to your living room or dining area, you need to look around and think about everything you see. Coordinating all of your lighting will create a cohesive look.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas Over Island

Influenced by Swedish design from the 1900s, our Jerico Pendants feature classic simplicity with solid brass finishes and industrial-inspired details.

How To Choose Kitchen Island Lighting

Project Tip: Don’t forget to support the light. Many of our collections have matching wall sconces, perfect for adding a layer of light where you need it. All you have to do is choose a sconce family and finish, then choose a shade—we have over 100 styles to choose from.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas Over Island

Personalize your look with a custom wall light to match your kitchen island lighting – our Jerico Fitter Sconce comes in four options and 11 shade options. Check your lumens

Finally, another way to determine how much lighting you need is to look at lumens – the amount of light a bulb emits – which can affect how many things you choose to use above your island. Unlike water flow, lumens are a more accurate way to determine the light output of a room because they measure total light.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas Over Island

Best Kitchen Lighting Ideas 2022

We recommend that you provide anywhere from 35 to 50 square meters for the island. The upper or lower limit of the range depends on the size of your space, the other lighting in the room, and the ambience you want.

Classic for a reason, our Hood Pendants are inspired by modern details that create a truly timeless look.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas Over Island

Example: For an island of 15 square meters, you need between 535 – 750 lumens. A 60-watt bulb produces about 800 lumens. This means that a 60-watt bulb-or two light bulbs-on your island will give you enough light, or you can use three to four small bulbs with lower wattage.

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas (tips To Choose Island Lighting)

Project Tip: The type of lighting you need depends on the main purpose of your building and where you are putting it. If you are customizing a ceiling light, you will need a higher wattage that provides enough light to fill the space. For more directed lighting, such as pendants above the kitchen island, choose a lower wattage to create a relaxing light source.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas Over Island

Find a selection of paints, chandeliers, and everything you need to brighten up your kitchen island. Also, learn about lighting other areas of the house such as your dining room, bedroom, or outdoor area. If you need more guidance in deciding how to decorate your space, our Design Team is always here to help.

Project Highlights: Galley Kitchen Renovation by Photographer Sara Ligorria-Tramp Sara Ligorria-Tramp embarked on an epic project to renovate her small galley kitchen.…

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas Over Island

Five Best Lighting Ideas For Your Kitchen Island

Behind the Design: Meet Blair With its clean lines and minimalist design, our new Blair Lighting Collection plays with geometric shapes – and adds a light sculptural touch to any space.…Kitchen lighting can make or break your kitchen and make it more attractive. way to add personality to your kitchen! Mix and match as you choose and don’t be afraid to be bold! Here are some of our favorite Island kitchen lighting ideas!

I’m always looking for kitchen island lighting ideas for clients and my own home. I love that one large lamp can change an entire space and have the appeal of a walk-behind lamp. I love changing them up to match any space! You can really change a room by changing the lighting and I feel like you can update or change the entire look, feel and style of a room just by choosing the lighting!

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas Over Island

This is great for the sink, or use some for the island and a long dining table. We have used pendant lights throughout the house and almost always set them up for use in one room. We always use 2-3 lamps on the island and the long table, 1 large pendant lamp on the round dining table, bathtub or large in the living room. Today we’re going to focus on how to use pendant lights in your special kitchen and share some of our favorites with you!

Viluxy Industrial 3 Light Pendant Lighting, With Black Metal Cage Shade, Adjustable Pendant Light For Kitchen Living Room Bedroom Hallway Or Bar

Using pendant lights over the sink is a great way to emphasize the space. It gives you more light when washing dishes and adds style and personality to the room.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas Over Island

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