Kitchen Cabinet Doors With Glass Fronts

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Recently It’s not that I don’t like classic white kitchens, it’s just that there are too many “plain jan” white kitchens out there. Maybe they have a pretty light pendant and some cool bar stools to help pull them out of the boredom bin a bit, but still, the cabinet is …………… well …… boring. In my opinion, there is no justification for this. The internet is also full of enough brilliant ideas that anyone willing to do a little digging (because you’re reading this article) can be rewarded with a beautiful, timeless style that has a bit of personality. . One such way to add some spice to your kitchen design is to get creative

Kitchen Cabinet Doors With Glass Fronts

Kitchen Cabinet Doors With Glass Fronts

I’ve found over the years that people start their kitchen design journey with a much more adventurous spirit than where they end up. After working on the design details and layout, it seems the process is in its final stages, fueled by fear. In order to make their most important investment classic and timeless, people will err on the side of what they believe is the “safe” side of design. They remove features that would otherwise give their kitchen the character it needs. I encourage you to stick to classic styles that don’t give way to passing trends, but here’s the thing… classic doesn’t translate to boring! In fact, quite the opposite. Consider where the word “classic” comes from. The ancient Greeks and Romans gave us enduring design details and principles that we still use thousands of years later. Classic is nothing boring.

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In Part 1 of my series on how to spruce up your kitchen, we focused on ways to make your cabinetry stand out with beautiful details like using a special finish or wallpaper, as well as backless glass cabinets that showcase your tile or marble. In Part 2 of this series, I’m going to present some ideas for decorating with exterior-style glass door details. Of course, I’m going to include many beautiful options for glass door hinges, but I’m also going to offer some tweaks to classic ideas that will really let you run the house. If glass doors are out of your comfort zone, rest assured that most of these ideas can be better explained with mirrors instead of glass.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors With Glass Fronts

Before you look at some of the exciting things you can do with glass cabinet doors in your kitchen, let’s start by looking at the different styles of glass doors. I’m starting to see more innovation with custom cabinet muntin patterns. While classic designs are always beautiful, it can also be great to take a distinctive architectural feature of your home and incorporate it into your glass door pattern… or even choose a pattern for your backsplash.

If the rest of your cabinetry is made up of classic, recessed panel doors, then I think you can switch to glass cabinetry a bit without fear of it making your kitchen look dated.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors With Glass Fronts

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I don’t see many leaded glass doors around, but I think they’re getting bigger

. These two examples prove that they can be absolutely classic. The bullet effect can be used with glass (top image) or mirror (bottom image) with equally good results. Either way, it’s a great option to add some light and shine when you’re having a hard time seeing what’s in your cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors With Glass Fronts

We all love tall wall cabinets. If your ceiling is higher than ten feet, it may be difficult to install your wall cabinets without the risk of the doors collapsing. In this case, double-stacking the cabinet will give you the height you need, but also welcome visual separation. Combine this with a glass door effect and you have a truly stunning look. When going this route, it’s best to keep the glass style simple. It works best with plain glass doors like in the image below. It also works well with X-style muntins, but it’s important to respect the proportions so that the X on the top box looks like the cabinet below.

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I love the old-fashioned appeal of this built-in display with arcaded glass doors. The vertical v-groove paneling is a nice added touch. A single display unit integrated into the kitchen can give your room all the character it needs. I always love the look of any cabinet built into the wall. It adds instant style points in my book because it takes away from that look of a wall mounted wardrobe. Creating these “voids” in the wall takes a little special planning (since many places don’t have them to begin with), but it’s worth the extra effort.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors With Glass Fronts

I wasn’t sure what to call this example because I was torn between wanting to make an example of a curved glass wall cabinet and wanting to point out how fantastic curved glass looks. Notice how much glare you get from those doors? In many of the other glass cabinet images featured in this post, you’ll notice how beveled glass is rarely used. That’s because it’s a pain in the neck for the cabinet maker! Very few cabinet makers offer “true split lights” as they are sometimes called. The glass for this arched top box took me the best part of a year. Before using Artisan Studio we went through three different glass cutters, who had to cut small angled corners by hand (they were too small to fit on the tilting machine). As a result, I learned more than I ever wanted to know about frosted glass and fully appreciate why it is a challenge for many cabinet makers. If you can find a manufacturer that offers this, the end result is simply beautiful. This gives the doors a heavy and extra luxurious feel.

I once had a client who was reminiscing about the sliding glass doors in her grandmother’s kitchen. Up until this point I had seen no practical reason for their existence. However, my client’s emotional memory has colored the way I slide glass doors ever since. I would love to incorporate them into a kitchen for a client one day. They bring back the idea of ​​grandma stocking up on cute little things and bringing them out for a special Sunday dinner with the family, don’t they?

Kitchen Cabinet Doors With Glass Fronts

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So far, several examples, like the one below, prove that you don’t have to stick to the traditional idea of ​​hanging a glass wall cabinet on either side of the kitchen sink. In fact, the different approach of bringing glass cabinetry into the kitchen usually adds a lot of character to the room. Consider the example below. Instead of glass wall cabinets, the designer stacked tall, shallow glass displays on this one wall, creating a dramatic and unexpected focal point as you enter the kitchen.

…or make your glass display look like a piece of furniture tucked into the rest of the cabinetry.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors With Glass Fronts

Mirrored doors can be a creative way to capture the same lightness that glass brings without giving away the ability to hide. I love how the designer combined the tall glass display with the mirror in the image below. Your eyes will trick you into thinking it’s different, but the mirrored door actually hides the pantry.

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If you want to add sophistication to your glass display case, simply close the door. Since kitchens are full of straight lines, any curves look different from the rest of the room. In the image below, the designer emphasized this principle by embedding a display unit into the wall and making it an accent piece. The dark stained wood gives it a furniture-like appeal and looks like something you might find in an old house.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors With Glass Fronts

So that’s it for post #2 in this series! If you remember just one thing we’ve shown you here today, let it be the many clever ways you can incorporate glass into your kitchen. Try not to fall into the common trap of only using them near the kitchen window or range. Instead, think about how you can dramatize your glass features with a little more thought and planning.

Next week, I’ll wrap up this series with post #3, which will show you several ways you can add a little extra character to your solid doors. I’m always in favor of keeping most of your cabinets classic, me

Kitchen Cabinet Doors With Glass Fronts

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