How to Create More Countertop Storage Space in a Small Kitchen?

Kitchens are heaven for food lovers. They are an ultimate rendezvous for the family members to come together and unwind after a hectic day. Moreover, homeowners who love cooking look forward to spending quality time in their kitchens. But having a countertop space crunch can be a turn off for them.

Do you have a pint-sized kitchen countertop that leaves you starving for storage space? If yes, you have reached the right page. Creating space out of nothing is an art. But the good news is that you can learn this art with a bit of creativity.

Here are some pro tips on how to make more countertop storage space in a small kitchen.

countertop storage space

Add Some Shelf Risers

Shelf risers are a boon for tiny kitchen countertops. They instantly create two or three layers of space and effortlessly accommodate all your extra bottles and jars. The best part is that you can keep two or three such shelf raisers on your countertop.

Smartly placed shelf raisers are not only functional but also accentuate the aesthetics of the space. Make sure you invest in durable shelf raisers that can manage the weight of your stuff effectively.

Utilise Wall Space

Not able to work properly on a cluttered countertop? In that case, why don’t you utilise the wall space? Fruit bowls and vegetable baskets are pretty. But they consume a lot of space on countertops.

Therefore, try fixing them on the walls. This will give you ample space on your countertop. You can highlight this section with glass sliding doors and cabinet lights.

Create Storage Around Your Fridge

Refrigerators usually take up a lot of space in the kitchen. They need a separate section in the wall, wasting all the area around them. But not anymore! You can utilise this wall space by installing shelves that go from top to bottom.

Store all your daily use items on the lower shelves and lesser-used ones on the upper shelves. This is an ingenious way to reduce clutter from your countertop.

Extend Counter Space Over the Sink

This is a super-smart solution that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. All you need to do is invest in a durable chopping board with dimensions that fit the kitchen sink and place it over your sink. Now, you have some extra space for your food prep process.

Are you looking for something more industrial or ultra-modern? Consider getting a special sliding board designed to cover the sink. This is a super-smart hack to cover dirty dishes and make the kitchen look spacious and airy.

Go for a Double-Duty Backsplash

Pegboards were originally used in workshops and garages. They help keep the supplies handy and tidy. Of late, they have made a grand entry into compact kitchens and have ruled the market with their functionality for quite some time now.

You can also multiply your countertop space by installing a stainless steel pegboard backsplash. It will not only protect your walls from oily and spicy splatters but will also keep your cooking tools accessible.

Design a Kitchen Storage Nearby

If there is a space crunch in your small kitchen, consider creating functional storage in a closet or nook of the room. A recessed set of drawers can help stash your essential kitchen tools. It can also store all the non-perishable pantry items effortlessly.

On the other hand, you can store glass jars and containers in the middle sections for an easy grip. All the heavy and occasionally used items can be stored on the topmost shelves. A sleek sliding door or a simple curtain will be enough to keep this space out of sight.

Make the Most of the Corners

Nooks and corners are the most underutilised parts of a kitchen. But when you are planning to expand the space on the countertops, corner storage can give these spots a purpose. All you need to do is install wall shelves in all the unutilised corners of the kitchen. You can store spices, plates, and other cutlery items here.

Work on Untapped Spaces

Every kitchen is spacious, provided you know how to create space out of nowhere. There are several untapped areas in the kitchen that we tend to ignore. The result is cluttered and congested space. So let us learn about these untapped sections and how to make the most of them:

  • Install toe-kick drawers below the base cabinets. This is a superb place to store all your flat items.
  • Use a curtain rod to hang hooks. You can also place hanging pots in between to create a visual appeal.
  • Design vertical shelves up to the kitchen ceiling to maximise your kitchen storage.

All these simple hacks can do wonders for your countertop storage space.

As we said earlier, no kitchen is small. There is ample storage available in every kitchen. All you need to do is identify those spots and utilise them to the best. However, professional intervention would be a great idea to tap the maximum space in the kitchen.

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